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Hi, I am Aditya. I am a 25-year-old aspiring polymath, innovator & entrepreneur.


Founder, Cr8v.studio – I do freelance content marketing, copywriting & illustrations. Check my portfolio.
Founder, Leads-Radar – I built a lead generation tool to get daily leads from 200+ Facebook groups


My Twitter


Get in touch at aditya@polygyan.com if you want to hire my services.


Why did I start Polygyan?


I have always loved to read, learn & dig deep into many different concepts. I have a bachelors degree in Electronics & Electrical Engineering, a Master’s degree in Biological Sciences, & currently pursuing a second Masters in Digital Management from HEC Paris. I have worked in 3 organisations – one innovating in the blockchain field, one in Artificial intelligence building a conversational platform and the third in a govt. economic policy think tank. My roles have ranged from branding, social media management, content generation & marketing to product design, business development, innovation strategy & sales.


Specialisation is for insects. I can code – having done website development in HTML and CSS in the past, I currently love working on python. I built the Facebook lead generation tool (Lead-Radar), built some data analysis & ML algorithms & built a twitter algo trading bot for the crypto markets. I also do copywriting & design – I have worked for 14 clients till now in generating witty marketing campaigns for them (Cr8v.studio). I also work part time for a consulting firm as a market research consultant.


I am very passionate about the intersection between arts, technology & business.  I would love to think of myself a creative artist, no matter which project I am working on. I have a diploma in oil painting & I paint occasionally. I have been trained for 5 years in Karate and Tabla (Indian music instrument) when I was a kid. I have edited product launch videos & soundtracks. I have worked with & lead designers for many creative campaigns. I have written over 25 poems. Unfortunately, I haven’t written a completed novel (yet), but it is on my to-do list.


I have failed multiple times too in the past, trying to launch projects. I had tried to build India’s first micro-mutual fund with a friend. The idea was that it would regularly aggregate small amounts from many people & invest the pool into high risk stocks. I tried to create aesthetic human DNA products. I took a defer year from my Masters to launch an automatic travel itinerary builder, but could not complete the project.


Basically, I am a workaholic & love working on a variety of multi-disciplinary projects. My brain constantly comes up with crazy ideas from whatever I am learning, doing or simple observing. And I easily get passionate about my ideas.


I am convinced that there are many others who are like me. Who love to ideate on a wide variety of topics. People who don’t want to be pigeon-holed to one single skillset or ability. People who are multi-passionate. but the society has convinced them to stick to one.


Polygyan is a way for me to enable such people to pursue all their passions, and get more knowledgeable in the process. I want to create a tribe of all of us!